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01 Approach

Sincere professionalism and personal commitment are the foundations of our process.

Mission Culture Staff

Students should feel proud of the applications they submit. We believe that a conscientious approach to college admissions is the most reliable way of inspiring meaningful, creative, and effective application material.

Our staff relies on experience to help develop the unique stories told by each of our students.

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Dialogue defines our process.

Our students engage in dynamic conversations with their admissions consultants and benefit from constant internal discussion and feedback. This round table setting is guided by decades of experience.

An emphasis on teamwork and communication also extends to our parents. College admissions is a family experience. We are dedicated to moderating this complicated process and ensuring that our parents and students feel confident about each of their decisions.

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Raising the standards of the admissions consulting industry in Korea is an important goal for IvyConnection. Since 2002, we have committed to creating a space for dynamic consultants with unique qualifications.

We are proud of the diverse educational backgrounds, professional experiences, and personalities in our staff. In addition to making great consultants available for each of our students, this variety creates a vibrant setting for the consulting process.

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02 Process

College applications are a chance for students to explore the narratives that connect their extracurricular, academic, and personal passions.

/Biographical Sketch

Our process starts with a long conversation. Consultants explore the personal stories that define our students and sketch a portrait of their most important experiences and academic motivations. The goal is to identify the intimate and often quirky details that make our students special.

Beyond the effort to gather information, the "Biographical Sketch" marks the beginning of a real relationship that extends throughout consultant process.


Consultants create a "Storyboard" with their students that highlight the most compelling aspects of their personal and academic journey. This structured outline provides answers for the most important questions on the application.

- What major best fits my personal interests and goals?
- Where should I focus my extracurricular development?
- How can my resume and Activity Section best reflect my achievements and curiosity?
- What types of colleges will fit my academic and personal needs?

/Extracurricular Development

Consultants provide constant feedback for students as they pursue their extracurricular activities, passion projects, and research. In addition to encouraging personal growth and creativity, the goal is to help students prepare solutions to unexpected obstacles, take advantage of spontaneous opportunities, and follow-through on challenging extracurricular plans.

For students interested in applying to competitive summer programs, we help identify the best options for their academic profile and provide feedback on their application material.


Admissions consulting is a comprehensive experience. From helping create smart college list decisions that consider fit and competitiveness to answering questions about strength of schedule and standardized testing, our staff is available for the many questions and challenges that present themselves to students and parents while preparing college applications.

/Application Material

Helping students tackle the essays, resumes, and other material required by college applications is the most rewarding step of the process for our consultants. We emphasize the importance of our students expressing themselves with originality and authenticity.

Consultants also help students with the difficult task of juggling the different feedback they receive from peers, teachers, counselors, and parents.

/Complete Support

The application process does end after clicking the "submit" button. Our consultants communicate with students about application status checks, interview preparation, deferral and waitlist letters, and college selection.

03 Results

Congratulations, Class of 2019!

D. Qi Columbia University
Shanghai American School - Puxi
V. Geh Columbia University
Kent School
김ㅇㅇ Columbia University
South Island School
소ㅇㅇ Columbia University
Purdue University - West Lafayette
조ㅇㅇ Columbia University
University of California - San Diego
강ㅇㅇ University of Pennsylvania
Brent International School Manila
박ㅇㅇ University of Pennsylvania
Seoul Foreign School
이ㅇㅇ University of Pennsylvania
Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology
이ㅇㅇ University of Chicago
Chadwick International
성ㅇㅇ Brown University
Seoul Foreign School
이ㅇㅇ Brown University
St. Paul's School
공ㅇㅇ Duke University
Weston High School
김ㅇㅇ Duke University
Korea International School
이ㅇㅇ Duke University
Hong Kong International School
김ㅇㅇ Cornell University
Gould Academy
김ㅇㅇ Cornell University
North London Collegiate School Jeju
박ㅇㅇ Cornell University
Georgetown University
박ㅇㅇ Cornell University
Malvern Preparatory School
이ㅇㅇ Cornell University
Korea International School
정ㅇㅇ The Cooper Union
Seoul Foreign School
지ㅇㅇ United States Naval Academy
Phil-Mont Christian Academy
박ㅇㅇ Northwestern University
Seoul Foreign School
허ㅇㅇ Northwestern University
Seoul International School
박ㅇㅇ Johns Hopkins University
Korea International School
정ㅇㅇ Johns Hopkins University
St. John Brebeuf Regional Secondary School
조ㅇㅇ Johns Hopkins University
Seoul Scholars International
홍ㅇㅇ Vanderbilt University
Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul
유ㅇㅇ Washington University in St. Louis
Asheville School
윤ㅇㅇ Washington University in St. Louis
Seoul International Seoul
장ㅇㅇ Washington University in St. Louis
Korea International School, Jeju Campus
조ㅇㅇ Washington University in St. Louis
Seoul International School
김ㅇㅇ Georgetown University
Korea International School
X. Chen Barnard College
University of California - Los Angeles
이ㅇㅇ University of California - Berkeley
Cushing Academy
황ㅇㅇ University of California - Berkeley
Seoul International School
황ㅇㅇ University of California - Berkeley
Seoul Science High School
김ㅇㅇ Carnegie Mellon University
The Governor's Academy
박ㅇ Carnegie Mellon University
Stevenson School
오ㅇㅇ Carnegie Mellon University
Yongsan International School of Seoul
임ㅇㅇ Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul
정ㅇㅇ Carnegie Mellon University
Westover School
조ㅇㅇ Carnegie Mellon University
Korea International School
조ㅇㅇ Emory University
Chadwick International
고ㅇㅇ University of California - Los Angeles
Mercersburg Academy
문ㅇㅇ Tufts University
Dwight School Seoul
최ㅇㅇ Tufts University
Singapore American School
안ㅇㅇ University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
International School Ho Chi Minh City
우ㅇㅇ University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
International School of Beijing
김ㅇㅇ Wesleyan University
Global Vision Christian School
남ㅇㅇ New York University
Korea Christian International School
성ㅇㅇ New York University
Wyoming Seminary
심ㅇㅇ New York University (Stern)
Korea International School
이ㅇㅇ New York University
Korea International School
이ㅇㅇ New York University (Abu Dhabi)
Saint Paul Preparatory School
한ㅇㅇ New York University
Saint Paul Preparatory School
한ㅇㅇ New York University
Milton Academy
한ㅇㅇ New York University
Singapore American School
강ㅇㅇ University of California - San Diego
Green River Community College
김ㅇㅇ Boston University
Korea International School
김ㅇㅇ Case Western Reserve University
Saint James School
이ㅇㅇ University of California - Davis
Annie Wright Schools
나ㅇㅇ University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Korea International School
김ㅇㅇ Syracuse University
The MacDuffie School
차ㅇㅇ Syracuse University
Korea International School, Jeju Campus
장ㅇㅇ Temple University
Hawaii Preparatory Academy
정ㅇㅇ University of Detroit (ADP)
Saint James School
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