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Our story

Admissions consulting is an opportunity to cultivate curiosity and excitement in the lives of young students.

Peter Chi, M.A., CEP
Managing Director

Applying to college should be a meaningful experience. The increasing difficulty of admissions has led many students to focus on static resume building, but more than ever, we believe that successful college applications are defined by a sincere interest in telling a compelling personal story.

For us, college admissions are just one step in the journey towards long-term success. By challenging our students with new ideas, emphasizing high personal standards, and finding opportunities to engage with different communities, we help prepare applications that highlight academic confidence and deep personal fulfillment.

"Applying to college should be a meaningful experience... more than ever, successful applications are defined by a sincere interest in telling a compelling story."

Raising the standards of admissions consulting in Korea is another important goal for IvyConnection. Our effort to share transparent results, provide detailed explanations of our process, and hire a staff of professionals committed to mentorship clearly distinguish us from the competition.

We are excited to continue working with students and helping them discover their potential through college admissions.



/ Transparency

Trust is the foundation of our process.

By sharing a transparent history of our results, providing detailed explanations of our process, and offering honest and objective feedback, we make it possible for students and parents to rely on our expertise.


/ Curiosity

Our staff and students are connected by their shared excitement for learning.

Every student is an opportunity for us to learn about new ideas and find ways of weaving together different interests. This discovery is the most rewarding part of the admissions consulting process.


/ Professionalism

We are proud of our work.

Even more than the strength of our results, the excitement our students feel as they submit their applications is proof of our success. We embrace our roles as mentors and commit ourselves to the importance of college admissions.


/ Collaboration

Successful applications take advantage of parents, teachers, counselors, and mentors.

Applying to college involves many family decisions, teacher recommendations, counselor suggestions, and advice from mentors. Managing this complex collaboration is essential to a strong application and positive admissions experience.

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